About Us

Who we are
Our team is made up of creatives and logistical problem-solvers with almost 10 years of experience in the entertainment and retail industries. We’ve worked with the biggest studios and brands to enhance their campaigns and make their launches truly memorable. But we’ve also worked with small companies on shoestring budgets to give their events the maximum possible impact. We’re about ideas and execution, not the names attached to them.

What we do
We create powerful experiences and mementos that your customers and audience will cherish (and probably show off to their friends). That involves providing promotional and consumer products for events including film premieres, gaming events, retail promotions, and brand launches. It also involves brainstorming ideas, creative design, and sourcing products from all over the world to bring those ideas to life.

Our team takes care of everything from initial concept, through to manufacturing and logistics so you know that the entire process is in good hands. Our background in design and production means that we have an excellent understanding of the process end to end and we can suggest ways to improve it, and places to save you money.

Most importantly, we collaborate with every single client to fulfil their vision or even help them create it. We’re small, so we’re agile, we’re dynamic, and we’re ready to disrupt. That’s what we do.

Why you’ll remember us
Our focus is on designing creative solutions and delivering them in a way that makes you smile. We don’t limit ourselves on job size or client type, so no matter how big or small your event is you’ll always feel like our top priority (and don’t worry, we don’t have to feel like yours). No matter what happens, you know that your merchandise and premiums are sorted.

So if you’ve read through all that, isn’t it time to give us a call?

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